Pub crawl

Today i woke up and took out my frozen milk from the fridge to melt. I looked in the mirror and oh my god....
Yesterday was way too much fun !

Yesterday the school was more boring because they told us about some important stuff. So i was really looking forward for the evening. The school organized a pub crawl that is going out to the city and visit different pubs and parties. The night was sooooo fun. People here are so open-minded and friendly that you feel so comfortable and like home. Again i met so many new people from different countries. I saw a transvestite for the first time in my life. Not just saw herhim, but also saw herhim changing the outfit from female to male. The pubs were nice and there are coffee shops in every corner. I didn' visit any of them , just peeked inside. 
What is cool that i also have hairdresser in school. So when i am bored of class i go and make a new haircut for myself :D

I have never seen so much rain in my life. Thanks to the people the shitty weather doesn't matter.