Plan the work, work the plan.

Yesterday cleaning my room floor i found some mouse poop. I really hope i won't meet those little guys in person. I also learned how my milk won't freeze. Success!

Today was my first school day. It was really short (good for a start), because the first lessons were cancelled and the last lessons i skipped. First day and i am already skipping classes. Naughty, naughty. I had to go to the bank to make myself a Dutch bank account. This is a good excuse to skip some classes, right ?
I am still very amazed of the fact that people are so friendly here. The bank lady greeted me, we shook hands and introduced each other. Her name was Agnes as well. You can never see that in Estonia, at least i haven't seen it. People are more like " yea, yea whatever i want to go home" 
The lecture i had was about management. Many times i felt i am still a little baby because the atmosphere was very mature for me and there were so much information that made me feel i am not just a baby but also stupid. Many people look mature too. I have a Spongebob belt.

I haven't talked about the people yet , only that they are very very super friendly. To start with i have a room mate from Kazakhstan that is very interesting. She told me that most of people only now Kazakhstan thanks to the Borat movie and they think the country is like seen in the movie. Actually it is vice versa. People live well and the country is quite rich. 
My class and my parallel class has like all the worlds nationalities. Okay actually much less but still many different nationalities. There are a lot of Dutch people who wanted to start learning in English and in a multicultural environment. All the Baltic sisters are together. My neighbor Finland, Norway, Germany, Romania, Aruba, Italy, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Venezuela, Turkey  and many many more. Some were very exotic places that i haven't even heard before.  Many people who have different roots too. For example one girl has Egyptian father and her mother is from the Netherlands.
Few students are only 17. How is it possible to finish high school so fast and already start learning in the university ? 

I made finally some photos with my phone. Someday when i find myself a job i will buy a camera !

  I love that Amsterdam has so many canals.

My accommodation house from the inside. Outside it looks much cooler but i messed up the pictures. I will make some new pictures later.

I don't have many worries but it's my favorite song at the moment. My moments change as fast as greased lighting.

Ps.Greetings to Lammas :