Let's get started

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Hey there sweeties !

Finally i decided to create my own blog as well. It is probably easier to keep you all updated with my life by posting to my blog now that i am moving to Amsterdam. I decided to write in English though, because my Estonian really sucks.. really really sucks.. I sometimes think how do people understand me. But imo it is less embarrassing making mistakes in English than in my mother language. Everybody should be able to speak in their mother language right ?

But oh well...I have only one day left to spend in my home..I can't describe how i feel. In some point i am sad that i will have to leave all my friends and family behind and start a new life in a new country where i have never been before. But still i am super exited as well. Leaving from my home country has always been my dream. No offence but i have never felt that i belong here. Maybe some day i will change my mind. I still love my friends and family here and i always will but in other places i have felt much more comfortable. 

I hope this choice was the best and i will never regret it. 
See you soon Amsterdam !