Learn a new language and get a new soul. ~Czech Proverb

Ik ben Agnes. Wie ben jij?
Ik kom uit Estland. Waar kom je vandaan?

Today i had my first Dutch lesson. The language is really funny.  Doesn't seem so hard, except the pronunciation.

Me llamo Agnes.  Y tu, como te llamas?

Had my first Spanish class as well .

It seems to be that learning will be fun for me. Of course there are some exceptions, some lectures will be boring but otherwise studying may even be fun. Woohaa. We have to do a bunch of projects in groups. Everybody has a role in the team. I will be the secretary firstly.  So i will do a lot of writing.

Occasionally i need someone to pat.

Anyway so far so good. I have a lot of fun and i'm not homesick.