Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.

I don't miss much yet, but some things i would like to have from my home. My own bathroom, proper food ( student life- too busy to make healthy meals. But i am working on it and trying to start eating well) , my dog and even more my rabbit. You think that why do i give so much fuck about my rabbit, it's a small stupid animal. No you are wrong. You haven't met my rabbit. He is not just the cutest thing on earth, but also very cool and my first pet ! He is very old now so that is why i miss him very much cuz i'm not sure if i will see him ever again. I really hope that he will live like till 1000.

Of course i haven't forgot all my friends! Love u and miss u !
And my dear mom and dad !

People are way too kind and rich here.
Yesterday i went out with my friends. First we stopped at our Italian friends place. There he cooked for us a delicious pasta. My first proper meal ! Later we went out to pubs and clubs. I spent very much money this weekend though most of the stuff i didn't buy. In Estonia guys often don't bother buying drinks for girls. In here they  buy drinks and even food or what so ever for the whole group. Even though there are many guys in the group you still buy them drinks. How kind can one be and how much money can one have? Or maybe yes Estonia is a very poor country so that we can't afford that kind of outcome. I visited one coffee shop also. I didn't buy anything or smoked there but i checked how it looks like. There was a counter where people bought cannabis and another room for smoking. I liked an alien statue on the corner with a greenyellowred hat and a completely stoned face.

Tomorrow is my first school day. I am really looking forward it. What? Are you high Agnes ? No . I am really looking forward school for the first, okay maybe for the second time in my life.

My msn is very busy lately. Thank you all that you care and are interested how i am doing !

Many girls have asked me how are the guys here. Well the environment is very colorful here so are the guys (ugly,hot,handsome,cool,average etc.). I saw some really hot dutch guys yesterday though. Imo many dutch ones are handsome.